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Frequently Asked Questions

How many trailer rentals do I need?

We have a chart that breaks down how many rentals you need but we recommend one portable restroom for every 75 people for a four hour event. It also varies based on which rental trailer(s) you want.

If I rent the trailer for multiple days, when & how can the bathroom be restocked & serviced?

The rental bathroom will be serviced as often as you like and pricing for cleanings can be priced out to your needs. We also offer an attendant to take care of each trailer for the duration of your rental.

What is the cost of a mobile restroom?

The cost is dependent on which trailer unit you choose. The best thing to do is to request a quote so that we can give you an estimated cost based on your needs.

How far in advance do I need to book?

The sooner the better! Our busy season tends to be during the warmer months so book accordingly.

What are the electrical needs of a mobile restroom?

The trailer comes equipped with an air conditioning unit and plugs for running the restroom. The restroom may also be ran by a generator which we can rent to you as needed for an additional cost.

How do I insure that the toilet smells fresh and clean throughout the events?

In your price quote you will be provided with a bio-degradable refresher that can be placed in the toilet.

What does each type of trailer come equipped with?

All trailers are described under the rentals page. Also, check under the Additional Services listed there for anything you would like in addition to your trailer.

What happens if something is broken or destroyed in your bathroom?

You will sign an additionally insured clause in your contract that will cover any damages.

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